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Cesim is an international company doing business simulation apps for both universities and businesses. I’m dealing with bringing all the old apps designs to one common design system.


Price&Cost is a small startup, run by myself and two other guys. I’m in charge of UX, visual design and front end development for our one and only product.


During 4 years in F-Secure I’ve been leading visual design in the company, first in the consumer business line, then in corporate.

On the consumer side, besides the overall style guide, I’ve been responsible for F-Secure FREEDOME (world’s best VPN app), F-Secure SAFE and a couple of diseased products.

F-Secure SAFE desktop app visuals and front end are made by me and company is still using my operator customization system.

In corporate business line I’ve worked with PSB, Business Suite and a Internet Gatekeeper. I’ve also started the code unification project and a first design system for corporate products.

I’ve made a hell of a lot concepts when I was in the company. Here is a fun one.


I’ve been making Nissan digital package for dealers for almost 4 years, dealing with both UX and visuals. The package included mobile apps, the website, You+Nissan portal and numerous other items. Meanwhile I compiled 3 guidelines for dealers of how to design additional pages and use the existing ones.

The vault

Some of my older works.